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Public Indoor Range in Sherman, Texas. Sales, CHL, Class III, Sales, and much more... 


"For Training the Serious Student of the Gun"

Gainesville, Texas

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The Outdoor Range Is For Classes And Events Only

Red River West, LLC's (West Location) mission is to provide one of the best outdoor firearms training facilities in the North Texas area combined with classes taught by the nation's top instructors.

With safety being the only restriction, instructors have the opportunity to teach firearms skills that are necessary in today's world, thus providing students the skills necessary to survive real-life confrontations. Instructors and students at Red River West, LLC are not restricted in the application and execution of what the training offers whether in beginner, intermediate or advanced programs.

For pistol, carbine, shotgun and long rifle, from point blank to 1000 yards and beyond, for daylight, to low light to no light, come train with us. Red River West is a private
multi-faceted facility dedicated to training the serious student of the gun.