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At Red River Firearms, Our goal is safety first for all who visit the indoor or  outdoor range.
Please read and ask any questions you might have.

1.       Must be 21 years and older, if not accompanied by a parent or guardian. Age for children 10 years and older along with some caliber restrictions

2.       The 4 basic gun safety rules apply at all times:
        1)Treat All Firearms as if they are loaded  
       2) Never point at something you are not willing to destroy  
       3) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target
       4) Know your target and what is behind it

3.         All *handling of firearms will only be done forward the yellow line in between the partitions
Han´dling   Pronunciation: hăn´dlĭng n. 1. A touching, controlling, managing, using, etc, with the hand or hands, or as with the hands

4.       Eye and ear protection is required at all times while on the range.

5.       No flip flops, sandals or open-toed shoes are allowed on the range.

6.       Eating, drinking, smoking and the use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited on the range. Anyone believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused the use of the range.

7.       Report any unsafe activity of conditions to the Range Safety Officer or Manager immediately.

8.       Never bring any malfunctioning firearm out of the shooting range. If your gun malfunctions lay it on the shooting bench facing down range and notify the Range Safety Officer.

9.       Range Safety Officers reserve the right to inspect all firearms and ammunition for safety considerations.

10.   When the command "Cease Fire" is given, stop shooting immediately and wait for further instructions from the Range Safety Officer. Commands issued by the Range Safety Officers and Range Personnel must be obeyed immediately.

11.   NO OPEN CARRY on Red River Property and/or premises. Concealed Carry is welcome. The 30.07 DPS Open Carry sign is posted posted. If you have any questions about this subject please ask.

12.   If you are pregnant you will not be able to be out on the range due to the sound and percussion that can damage the unborn child.

13.   No rapid fire nor drawing from holster. Head shots on the B27 style targets are prohibited.

14.   If you are a License To Carry Instructor who wants to use the range for qualification, you must have permission from the staff, along with a copy of your instructors certificate, in order to do so.

15.   RRFLLC Staff holds the right to refuse service to anyone who is deemed unsafe in firearms handling, endangering themselves and/or other patrons or staff.  We also hold the right to refuse service to anyone we might believe is under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

16.   NO .410 gauge pistols are allowed at the indoor range; this includes the Judge, Governor.

17.   All federal, state, and local firearms and safety laws apply.

18. The indoor Range is for handgun only. See below for ammunition restrictions. 


1.       NO STEEL CASED AND/OR STEEL JACKETED AMMO. If it sticks to a magnet you can’t shoot it at the range.

2.       All ammo must NOT exceed 275 grains nor 1,700 fps.

3.       No incendiary, tracer, or armor piercing ammo is allowed on the range.

4.       Other ammunition that is restricted includes:  no shotgun loads, 5.7mm, Takarov,  17 series of calibers, 500 S&W, , 454 Casull,  or 22TCM.

5.       If you have any questions about ammunition, please ask on of the staff members.

3. The indoor range is handgun only. Taurus Judges and Smith and Wesson Governors are prohibited from the range due to shooter carelessness.

Since our goal to provide a clean and safe place for all to enjoy their time at the range, we ask that all patrons follow these basic rules.  Failure to follow these simple rules will result in you being asked to leave the facility.

  For any questions that you might have, please call us at 903-893-8449.

 The Texas 30.07 posting is
posted on the property.
Concealed CARRY will be
permitted and welcomed, 
but not open carry.
We do support open carry but not in a shooting range environment.
Any questions about this rule, 
Call us at 903-893-8449. Thank you 


Term: Handle -  hand·ling ˈhandliNG/  noun

The act of taking or holding something in the hands.

Handing a firearm is permitted forward the yellow line and in between the partitions.. No Acceptions... 

To keep our cost down.. Absolutely NO STEEL CASED NOR STEEL JACKETED AMMUNITION IS PERMITTED ON THE RANGE!!! If it sticks to a magnet you cannot use it here   *** Brass and copper range*** If you have any questions about permitted ammo, give us a call 903-893-8449