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Basic Pistol Class At The Outdoor Location Gainesville, Texas

Class Description:

The class is designed for the person who has the fundamentals in handgun shooting and have their handgun license. You will walk away from the class with the fundamental knowledge of manipulation of firearms from holster. This class can be the start of your ongoing training. Outdoor Location Information and Requirements   Register At Red River Firearms  Sherman, Texas 903-893-8449

Class will cover the following subjects:

·  Safety, the fundamentals proper handgun manipulation and sight alignment, stance, malfunctions, and much more..

· Basic drawing from the holster and engaging targets at various distances and scenarios

· At the end of the class we have a course of fire to implement what you learned that day  

Equipment And Gear Needed For This Class:

· 300 minimum of American made ammo - Go to for ammo restrictions

A working firearm and maybe a back up just in case with at least 4 extra mags. Plus a

· Eye and ear protection—Electronic preferred

· Hydration, snacks, lunch, sunscreen, a cap of some kind