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LEVEL II FUNDAMENTALS - $50 group/$80 one-on-one

This course is comprised of 1 hour classroom time and 1 hour range time.

The goal of this course is to build on the basic skills learned in the LEVEL I FUNDAMENTALS class.

CLASSROOM: Review safety rules, stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger control and follow through. Answer any questions that have arisen during practice sessions. Particular areas of focus will be sight picture, trigger press and follow through.

Common malfunctions will also be discussed, including: jams, stove pipes, double-feeds, misfires and hang fires.

RANGE: Each student will work with the instructor one-on-one. Students will demonstrate: slide operation; magazine loading, insertion and removal which were emphasized during the Level 1 class. Stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger control and follow through will also be demonstrated. Individual questions and issues will be addressed with emphasis on sight picture, trigger control and follow through.

Common malfunctions such as jams, stove pipes, double-feeds will be demonstrated; corrections will also be demonstrated and practiced.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: working handgun, at least 1 magazine,  at least 100 rounds of ammo (round count will vary as instruction will be individualized), eye and ear protection
If you do not have the above gear, we can provide it for an additional change. You must purchase ammo from the range to use in our guns.