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Block 1 Handgun BH1 - You have to build the foundation before you put up the walls

Description: "You have to build the foundation before you put up the walls"

  Block One is a 4 hour block for the new shooter to handguns or for the person who is a novice and wants a refresher of the basics. The block will cover terminology, safety, grip, stance, sight picture, and other fundamentals to make a new person comfortable to handguns. It will also cover maintenance and types of firearms . Each class will have no more than 6 students per class.  *For gear and ammo and other details please email below

What you will need:

  • 100 handgun rounds
  • A working firearm. If you do not have a firearm. One can be provided for just the cost of  ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection. If you do not have Eye and ear protection. we can provide it free of charge. 
  • Closed toed and heel shoes. No sandal, flip flops
  • Optional items. Drink and snack if needed