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Public Indoor Range in Sherman, Texas. Sales, CHL, Class III, Sales, and much more... 

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  • The class is 4 to 6 hours long including range qualification.  
  • Our pool of "LTC" instructors include active and retired LE officers.
  • Assistance in completion of the DPS online registration.
  • FREE LTC Membership for range time and other discounts 
  • The whole class is done under one roof. So weather isn't a problem.
  • Private classes are available if our schedule doesn't work. 
  • FREE use of eye and ear protection is available for the range portion of the class.
  • If you don't have a firearm one can be provided just have to purchase out ammo.
  • We offer a TLC prep class that can be on a individual or group basis. This class is for students that want to go through a practice qualification course with a certified member of the staff and a brief overview on how the class will go.

Call us to reserve a spot in the class or any questions. 903-893-8449